Upcycled Headphone Stand

Make a simple upcycled headphone stand and keep your desktop organized. There are a lot of different ways you can make a headphone stand, but I chose to make this one based on a mannequin type design intended to abstractly mimic the human head. You can download the same template here.

The goal was to create a simple design that would look aesthetically pleasing and would function as a dependable headphone stand for traditional over the ear headphones.

In order to make this possible, the base had to be thick enough (3″) to not easily topple over. In addition, I used largely upcycled maple to add some density and weight and a small strip of purple heart in the center as a decorative touch.

The total build time was about 3 hours and could be dramatically reduced once the order of operations are refined. In addition, the build could be completed with a scroll saw and sandpaper, but the accuracy of the final product would be more difficult to ensure.

I hope you liked the build, share and tag @geekbuilders if you build one of your own. Feel free to download and use the provided template

Shawn Jolicoeur