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Build a Can Crusher from Scrap

Check out the latest video as the GeekBuilders Jr. kids build a can crusher from scrap. Be sure to check out the video, we have an upcoming challenge and giveaway related to the build.

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Hardwood Headphone stands in Stock

These hardwood headphone stands will help keep your desktop organized while providing an attractive way to showcase your headphones. Click here to see the options in stock

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Make an upcycled potting station from scrap wood in a single afternoon

I had an old shelf in my shed for about 8 years and decided to turn it into a potting station for my wife, complete with hidden storage. The design is loosely based on a design by Steve Ramsey that can be viewed here. The goal of the conversion was to try and use as […]

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Upcycled Headphone Stand

Make a simple upcycled headphone stand and keep your desktop organized. There are a lot of different ways you can make a headphone stand, but I chose to make this one based on a mannequin type design intended to abstractly mimic the human head. You can download the same template here. The goal was to […]

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5 Minute Lego Challenge

Join the junior GeekBuilders in their first full video – The 5 Minute Lego Challenge. Pick a container, scoop it full of Legos, put 5 minutes on the clock and build! We’d love to see what you built, just hashtag #gb5minutelego on Twitter and Instagram.

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Geek Builders: Restoring a Vintage 1940’s Office Chair

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Watch the Latest Geek Builders Episode

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