Star Wars DIY Lightsaber and epic battle – recut

Star Wars DIY Lightsaber and epic battle – recut

This DIY Lightsaber and Epic Battle is a recut of a video I released over 4 years ago.

The original video was over 11 minutes long and I was never really happy with the final edit and music in the video.

Bloopers start at 6:27

This recut takes the time down to about 6.5 minutes and fixed a lot of editing and the bad music choices I made over 4 years ago. This version is still not perfect, but is much closer to my original intention for the video.

This is a first attempt at a prop build for a lightsaber replica. I still have plans to do a brand new lightsaber video with a completely new take on how to build the lightsaber and possible a new fight scene?

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Link to original lightsaber video: Have fun and enjoy!